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With well-trained agents who deeply understand about brands, products and promotions, we deliver a 100% response rate and high volume chat management.
We provide a much better Customer Experience in CS/CX activities at a lower cost via chatbot.
Various Types for Your Business Needs
Sales chatbot: Generating Sales from current customers via Broadcasting messages
Re-marketing chatbot: Customizing marketing effort to different customer segments based on their historical data
Engagement chatbot: Enhancing Brand love & digital experience
Customer service chatbot: 24/7 digital experience, driving down cost by auto-reply repetitive questions
Rating & Review Management
We proactively manage rating and review sections to build customer loyalty and enhance brand equity. We turn shoppers into brand advocates.
We continuously develop our CRM system through data analytics, chatbot, and intent-base chat management strategy to review and take actions accordingly.
Answer FAQs in a Blink!
Giving out greetings, FAQs and prepared answers to these FAQs
Re-route to CS When Needed
Retaining human support can ensure best customer experience when needed.
Follow Shopper Journey
Define shoppers footprints by codes. For example: first purchase, re-purchased, chatted, lapsed 3 months...
Marketing Automation
For example, shoppers who has not come back for 6 months will automatically be sent a promotion offer via message, SMS or Zalo.
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