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This is a more direct-to-consumers approach, aimed at your core target audience group. Having your own brand.com is a powerful tool to enhance your online presence, manage your business image, product lisitng and the seamless end-to-end user experience. We focus on user-centric designs to make shopping online an effortless activity for your customers.

Data Integration
  • Collect & consolidate customer data from across multiple systems (app, web, CRM, POS, data warehouses)
  • Stream customer data to external systems for BI analytics
Data Activation
Multiple communication channels with personalized messages across the journey
Single View of Customer
Holistic view of demographic & past purchase data, along with detailed journeys across all touchpoints including keyword search, ad view, product view, add-to-cart, price review, check-out, review/ratings, and many more.
Customer Segmentation
Build customer segments in real-time with various ways of combination based on customers preferences, behavior, demographic, transactional data, and many more.
Journey Orchestration
  • Craft automated cross-channel journeys with trigger events
  • Personalize the communication at every touchpoint of the journey for each segment.
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Exclusive web experience with personalized banners, content, promotion, products based on historical data
User Path Optimization
Dynamic A/B Testing and AI engine to figure out the optimal journey & channel, pick the best content and deliver it at the perfect moment to maximize conversions.
Data Analytics
  • Access insightful real-time reports of all ongoing campaigns.
  • Discover underperforming campaigns and optimize them for better conversion.
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